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Phạm Thị Xuân Ny

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Phạm Thị Xuân Ny

My name is Pham Thi Xuan Ny, from Hoi An in Quang nam Province. After graduating from Da Nang University of Foreign Language, I taught in some English centers such as Vietnamese Australian Center, Asian European Center and Skyline International High Quality School. For the time being, I have been working at ISEC English Center. I am very keen on my current work and always try my best to transmit my knowledge and experiences for learners. However, I need to practice to enhance my ability since human knowledge is countless and because the truth that languages almost evolve in terms of social development. I suppose to be a person with joy, generosity, communicativeness and significant interest in meeting and making friends. My strength is likely to be permanently confident and I know how to share and listen to other people. However, I am not sometimes serious in my job because I get distractions from exterior factors like personal hobbies or family caretaking. I will considerably improve this weakness as soon as possible. My next target is to be able to gain IELTS certificate with a band over 7.0 over the following months. I will make many attempts in order to fulfill this plan. Besides, I like to set up a personal website to share useful English learning strategies for students or individuals planning to study overseas, even intensive processes for busy businessmen lacking time to study outside.

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